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Metropolitan Club – Saturday December 2nd 6:30pm – Details Here!

Secret Agent Band is in the house!

It’s time for cool tunes, dancing and rock n’ roll revelry. But it’s more than that with Secret Agent Band – we don’t play the same old bar songs (ok, well, maybe a few) but we like to find those songs that make the audience go “oh yeah, I LOVE that song” – rock, blues, jazz, reggae all with that super-fun Secret Agent Band jammin’ thrown in for good measure.

Secret Agent Band – all ages, all styles!

Secret Agent Band members span the age spectrum ( 21 to 60 ) as well as the style-spectrum: Led Zeppelin to Little Feat, Rolling Stones to Micheal Buble, Talking Heads to The Animals – there’s something for everyone when The Secret Agent Band hits the stage. We’d love to liven up your bar, party, wedding, benefit – hey, we just pretty much love to play. So check out our site and let us entertain YOU!

More Video Coming SOON!

We’re editing as fast as we can – but if you’d like to just download or listen to some tracks, just go to our Stuff We Play page to listen or download FREE!

Super Quick Sound Demo

Think you might be interested in The Secret Agent Band  – but short on time? Here’s a quick audio demo with a bunch of songs so you can get an idea of how we roll (and rock!)